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Benita – Beloved actress & TV personality

Benita – Beloved actress & TV personality

Benita Collings has been gracing our screens since the 1960s, with roles in classic TV shows like A Country Practice and Sons and Daughters, and is adored by generations of Australians who grew up watching her on Play School.

She admits that she didn’t know too much about super when industry funds were formed in the late ‘80s.

‘I didn’t hear any other actors talking about super and didn’t think it applied to me,’ Benita says.

‘Then one day suddenly there was JEST and it was a moment of “oh as an actor I CAN actually have super!” and realising how important it really was.’

‘I joined after a friend asked me if I had super and when I said “no” he said I really ought to and told me all the reasons why, and I thought it made sense and said “ok”.’ He gave her the name and number for a JEST representative and the rest is history.

Early on, another friend suggested Benita put extra money into her super and for a long time she did, seeing the benefit of these contributions compounding over time.

‘I’m so glad I listened to the great advice my friends gave me,’ she says, ‘And I’ve stuck with you ever since because I believe what you’re doing works.

‘Anytime I talk to Media Super I feel supported and you provide me with information in a way that makes it easy for me to understand – the financial planner has even drawn my plan out on a whiteboard for me because I’m a visual thinker, and I really appreciate that.’

And as for retirement? Well, like many performers, Benita is continuing to ply her craft, playing Robyn King in season two of ABC’s Janet King and with a new film project in the pipeline.

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