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Darren – I’ve got a good 20 years left in print

Darren – I’ve got a good 20 years left in print

Darren, member since 1988

Darren has been a machine operator in the print industry all his life and began his apprenticeship straight out of school.

Originally a member of Print Super, Darren’s pretty happy he’s stuck with an industry super fund throughout his career. A few years ago, his workplace underwent a demerger, and as a result, he saw a lot of his work mates lose the defined benefits they had through their corporate super fund.

‘I’m glad I was with Media Super when the demerger happened – they’re always ready to help,’ says Darren, ‘the others got no help from their bank fund.’

Darren says that it’s great to see the Media Super representative around the workplace.

‘Dorothy and Trevor, they always come out to the site to meet people face to face. If you need help, they’re always there, or they’ll get back to you quickly,’ says Darren.

Darren also loves that his union, the AMWU, is represented on the Board of Media Super. ‘The people on the Board, you know them personally,’ he says, and the majority of the Delegates are with Media Super too.’

Darren thinks he still has at least a good 20 years of working left in him before he starts thinking about retirement. Until then, he plans to keep salary sacrificing into super to make sure he’s got enough for retirement.

‘It’s something my Dad made me do,’ says Darren. ‘Dad said, ‘you won’t see the money, so you’ll get used to it, and I did – I don’t miss it.’

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