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Garry – A printer since age 14

Garry – A printer since age 14

Garry, member since 1988

Garry, now retired, started his printing career at age 14, when he began an apprenticeship with News Corp. Originally an Adelaide boy, Garry moved to Darwin in the early 70s, where he continued to work for News.

During that time, he recalls that superannuation was only available to the journalists or managers of the company. When super became available to print workers in the late 80s, Garry signed up with Print Super. Over the years he’s had various professionals ask about his super; however, he’s been proud to stick with an Industry Super Fund.

‘Media Super doesn’t make a profit, and works for their members,’ says Garry.

With the help of Dorothy, Media Super’s South Australian BDM, Garry says the move to retirement was easy. ‘I go back to Adelaide every now and again, and so I got in contact with Dorothy – she keeps me up-to-date with my pension and makes everything easy.’

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