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Investment Performance


Allocating Earnings

Investment options operate using a unitised system, which means the total value of your investment in Media Super is determined by multiplying the number of units you have in each of the investment options by the latest published sell price of each unit in the particular investment option. Unit prices for each of the Media Super investment options are updated on a weekly basis. You can access updated prices at mediasuper.com.au or by calling our Super Helpline on 1800 640 886.

† Historical returns before 1 July 2008 are based on former Print Super investment returns.

* These investment options were offered from 2014 or later and funds, if any, were first invested from their listed inception date and therefore past performance for the investment is not available prior to that.

# The Direct Investment option enables eligible members to invest part of their Media Super account in a range ASX300 listed shares, exchange traded funds and term deposits. As a result, returns for this investment option are different for each member.

Investment warning: Investment returns are not guaranteed. Past performance gives no indication of future performance.

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