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Kay – Writer, illustrator, freelancer

Kay – Writer, illustrator, freelancer

Kay, member since 1987

An artist by training, Kay has been writing and illustrating for magazines and newspapers since the 1960s. Working all around the world, from London to Christchurch, New Zealand, Kay eventually settled in Melbourne in the late 70s.

She started working for one of Melbourne’s leading papers in 1979 as a freelancer – a paper she still has regular work with today, even in retirement.

Having been a freelancer since ’79, Kay has had to pay herself super since she first became a member in 1987.

A colleague of Kay’s – who was a member of the Australian Journalists Association, now known as the MEAA – initially encouraged her to set up her super and start paying contributions into her account. And before long, Kay could see the benefits of committing to it.

‘I’ve always relished my financial independence and security, and I desperately wanted to support myself,’ says Kay. ‘I wanted to know that I wouldn’t need to rely on anyone in retirement, if possible.’

As well as anticipating the future benefits of super, Kay took advantage of the tax benefits gained from contributing to super as a freelancer. She also contributed some of the proceeds of the sale of her property into super when she downsized her home.

Now a pension account holder with Media Super, Kay says she’s stayed with the Fund because she’s really happy with us.

‘Everyone is so helpful and pleasant,’ says Kay, ‘the whole thing is not a hassle and very accessible.

‘Performance has been good – I have a confidence with Media Super. And Colleen (Kay’s local Media Super Business Development Manager) is just brilliant, I cannot speak highly enough of her.’

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