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Kelvin – I’ve been a printer all my life

Kelvin – I’ve been a printer all my life

Kelvin, member since 1989

Kelvin has been a printer all his life. In the 70s, he was signed up to a corporate fund through his workplace. ‘But it went down to nothing – eaten up by fees,’ says Kelvin.

When he became a member of Print Super in 1989 he says it was just something that was compulsory, but in looking back Kelvin says it was definitely worthwhile.

As he started to get older, Kelvin started to take more notice of his super, and then he started salary sacrificing.

‘When I got a pay rise, I didn’t need the money, so I put it into my super,’ says Kelvin, ‘and then I really saw a difference – I saw my account go up by thousands.’

As many have with the rapidly changing print industry, Kelvin was unfortunately made redundant earlier this year. ‘There’s never a good time to retire,’ says Kelvin, ‘but I was lucky that I had the super to do it.’

And as to why he’s stuck with an Industry Super Fund for 30 years? ‘They look after you,’ he says.

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