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Max – I’m not slowing down anytime soon

Max – I’m not slowing down anytime soon

Max, member since 1987

Max, a printer’s assistant, hasn’t had the easiest run, but certainly has a bright outlook on life.

He initially began his career at the Sunday Observer. Towards the end of the 70s, he took on a temporary job at The Age, with the intention of going into business with his dad once the short contract wrapped up.

Unfortunately, his dad passed away soon afterwards, so Max made the decision to stay on at The Age. Once he had a permanent position, super was paid to him through the corporate fund, but he didn’t pay much attention to it.

‘I was young and stupid,’ laughs Max, ‘I didn’t know what was going on.’

In 1987, he signed up with Print Super and had his super paid into that fund. He still didn’t pay much attention to it until 2004 when he started salary sacrificing, realising the importance of super.

Max salary sacrificed for 10 years until he was retrenched in 2014 and he noticed the huge difference it made to his account. After receiving his redundancy payout he put a chunk of that into super too.

Upon being made redundant, he made an appointment with two financial planners – Michael Honeybone from Media Super, and an external financial planner – just to see what his options were.

After meeting both planners separately, Max said it was an easy choice to stick with Media Super.

‘I saw the fees and it was a no brainer,’ says Max, ‘the fees with Media Super were half the price.’

At the time of his retrenchment, Max’s wife found out she had breast cancer, so he decided to take some time out to look after her, before starting to look for work again.

With his wife’s cancer now in remission, Max is back at work four days a week doing maintenance, and taking advantage of a transition to retirement strategy. And there’s no view to start slowing down anytime soon.

‘I love working,’ says Max, ‘it keeps the mind active.’

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