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Media Super invests $60 million in a revolving loan facility to Fulcrum Media Finance, which is used to cash-flow the Australian Producer Offset and provide access to pre-sale advance loans for film and television productions across Australia and New Zealand.

By 30 June 2017, we had loaned more than $125 million to help finance a range of film and TV productions since the facility was launched in 2010.


The Producer Offset

In 2007, the Federal Government announced a tax rebate scheme for film and television known as the Australian Producer Offset. Approved projects are able to claim a tax rebate on completion of the project; but much, if not all, of the rebate amount is actually needed during pre-production and filming.

Through Fulcrum, we are able to lend up to the rebate amount to the producer(s) of a film or TV show and then have the money repaid at agreed milestones. Interest is paid on the money lent to producers, and this low risk investment in turn provides a stable return for Media Super, and ultimately our members.

Pre-sale advance loans

Pre-sale advance loans are used for the distribution of films; however, repayment is not guaranteed. This means they are a riskier investment than the Producer Offset, but also means the return is greater. Pre-sale advance loans are generally for smaller amounts and they are usually paid back sooner than Producer Offset loans.


As well as funding local productions and achieving stable returns for our members, our support has provided Australian actors, filmmakers and crew continuing opportunities to ply their craft here on home turf.

Over the past year some of the local productions we’ve supported that have been released are Lion, Cleverman (season 2), Upper Middle Bogan (series 3) and Pork Pie, just to name a few.


Our Balanced, High Growth, Growth and Stable investment options all have some level of exposure to the Fulcrum investment. It’s important to know that our investment in the Producer Offset does not rely on a movie’s success at the box office. The loan we provide only funds the pre-production phase of a film or TV show – we simply help get screen projects off the ground.

Since 2010 we’ve supported more than 80 high-quality films and TV shows since the investment began, and in turn this has earned our members a healthy 6.7%* per annum since inception.

* Investment warning: Investment returns are not guaranteed. Past performance gives no indication of future performance.


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