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Paul – Campaigned for universal super

Paul – Campaigned for universal super

Paul, member since 1988

Paul has been working in the printing industry since 1974 and was part of the union movement that campaigned for universal super.

‘Super is one of the greatest things that ever happened to this country,’ says Paul, ‘the average worker would be so much worse off without it.’

When super was first introduced to his workplace, he recalls that the company recommended they go into the corporate fund. ‘But,’ says Paul, ‘there was a bunch of us that said, “no way – we’re joining an industry super fund”.’

Paul has since stayed with an industry super fund through loyalty. ‘I believe in sticking with my industry fund,’ says Paul, ‘I’m comfortable with it’.

Paul’s had a transition to retirement pension for the past couple of years.

‘A Media Super rep kept telling me I should talk to someone about a transition to retirement,’ says Paul, ‘and I kept saying,”yeah, yeah, I’ll get around to it”.

‘And I truly appreciate their persistence – when I finally did I wished it was something I started earlier.’

Paul is taking a redundancy in September and plans on fully retiring. ‘I’ll take it easy and see what comes,’ says Paul.

On a closing note, Paul says ‘I think people are mad to not take notice of their super when they’re young – they should be putting everything they can into it!’

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