Meet the BDM

Meet the BDM

Sometimes it’s just easier to meet with someone and work through things face-to-face. That’s where our team of Business Development Managers come in – or rather come to you.

From combining super accounts^ and searching for lost super, to finding out why Media Super is right for you, they can answer your general questions, or talk you through the big picture – in person, or over the phone. And they can even help take care of paperwork.

Read on to find out what our team has really enjoyed about working with our members and partners this year, and the ways they’ve been able to help you.

‘Over the past year, the way we work with employers has changed and it’s been a great opportunity for me to build new relationships in these organisations and strengthen how we work together. Not only am I helping make super admin as simple as possible for these businesses, but by working together we’re providing better outcomes for their staff.’

‘I recently had a call from a journalist – he wasn’t a member at the time – who was being made redundant. He’d heard that Media Super was his industry fund, and after speaking with me he made a decision to join, roll his super over and make a voluntary contribution from his redundancy payout. He was so pleased with his experience with us that he recommended a family member also join the fund, which resulted in them setting up a retirement pension with Media Super. Word of mouth is a great thing!’

‘Earlier this year while visiting a workplace, I had a conversation with a member around what life after work may look like for her and her partner. They were very excited about potentially retiring later in the year and travelling but weren’t quite sure about how to set up their finances correctly to support their retirement lifestyle. I arranged for them to see one of our financial planners* who helped them set up a plan and provided a clear path for them to reach their retirement goals. The member was thrilled with the support Media Super provided them in preparing for their retirement.’

‘A member recently contacted me as her husband had suffered a severe stroke. They didn’t have joint bank accounts so she was desperate to access some of her super to help out with the finances. Thankfully, she met a condition of release so I visited her the following day and personally delivered the paperwork to the admin team, who processed it immediately. The next day she had the funds in her bank account, which helped to financially relieve the situation. Seeing how much of a difference this made to this member’s life, strengthens my belief that it’s all about looking after our members as best we can.’

‘I had the opportunity to present as part of Screen Producers Australia’s Business Essentials workshops this year. It was great to meet and talk with local producers and help them better understand not only their super obligations as employers, but also how Media Super is supporting the local film and TV industry through our revolving loan facility with Fulcrum Media Finance.’

‘One of our members sadly became terminally ill, so he arranged for his wife to join Media Super because he knew her super would be looked after. I arranged for her to speak to one of our financial planners,* and since his passing she now has a full financial plan to see her through her retirement. She noted that when her husband passed away she was at a loss and was appreciative of the level of service and guidance offered by Media Super.’

‘Over the past 12 months, I’ve really enjoyed providing education sessions for members at various sites as well as at events for our partners. These have ranged from speaking to graduates just starting their careers, right through to members who are close to retiring. Answering their super questions and then sitting down one-on-one with members is really rewarding.’

‘Recently a member agreed to take a voluntary redundancy package due to ongoing health issues. When I met with him and his wife, they were concerned about their financial future. He thought he may be eligible to apply for an insurance benefit but was apprehensive about the process. After explaining his insurance entitlements to him and claims process, he realised that it wasn’t as daunting as he had thought. The member’s income protection claim was recently approved and he is currently receiving the benefits and enjoying a greater peace of mind, while focusing on improving his health.’

*Media Super has engaged Industry Fund Services Limited (IFS) ABN 54 007 016 195 AFSL No 232514 to facilitate the provision of financial advice to members of Media Super. Advice is provided by one of our Financial Planners who are Representatives of IFS. Fees may apply. Further information about the cost of advice is set out in the relevant Financial Services Guide, a copy of which can be obtained by calling IFS on 1300 138 848. IFS is responsible for any personal advice given to you by its Representatives.